Animal Chefs Rumored to Buy Restaurant 3 Space

Jon Shook
Jon Shook Photo: Hadley Tomicki

No one, not Manzke, not Voltaggio, not Keller nor Ludo, has produced as much gossip as Animal chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. The latest susu has these nationally recognized toques buying up the Third Street space formerly occupied by Restaurant 3, with Mondette reporting that they’ve heard “from a local business owner” that this will become a new place to eat from The Two Dudes. Shook did tell L.A. Weekly last March that “We are definitely looking for other spaces,” leading to the assumption that this new acquisition is the planned deli project he had hinted at therein. We checked with the restaurant’s PR, who gave us the exact same response as Eater apparently got. According to Sarah Hendler, “Once the boys lock down any space we promise you will be one of the first to know. Nothing 100% solid yet….” While some take this denial as confirmation that Animal is indeed the new owners of the space, we’ll keep this one in the gossip file until we see the toques donning hard hats at 8370 West Third.

Word is Animal Guys to Former Restaurant3 Space on West 3rd [Mondette]