Animal Chefs Confirm Purchase of Restaurant 3 Space

Photo: Animal

The expansion of the Animal empire is official following a few weeks of rumors. Sarah Hendler, Animal’s First Lady and head of press relations, sends an email this morning confirming, “we will be taking over the former Restaurant 3(Cynthia’s) space on Third Street in West Hollywood.” Right now a concept and name are being decided for the West Hollywood location, though many publications have pointed to a Squid Ink interview in which Dotolo admits he’d love to own a deli one day, though he seems more interested in having a restaurant like self-sourcing Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Animal has made a huge splash locally and nationally with their wild, carnivorous creations, placing this new development at the top of the list (right between Michael Voltaggio and Walter Manzke’s restaurant plans) of heavily anticipated new projects coming to L.A. from its most electrifying chefs.

Unnamed Animal Project, coming to 8370 W. 3rd St. West Hollywood.