What Are There More of in Manhattan: Subway Shops or Subway Stops?

Photo: Daniel Maurer

No, really, which do you think there are more of in Manhattan: Subway sandwich shops or subway stations? If you guessed Subway sandwich shops, come claim your salmonella-tainted foot-long! According to Subway’s “Restaurant” Locator,” there are now 171 Manhattan Subway shops versus 147 subway stations (or 118 stops if you count transfer stations as just one). Brooklyn fares much better: 70 Subway sandwich shops versus 155 (or 170) subway stations (in that borough, Robert Sietsema has sniffed out the anti-Dunkin’ on Avenue J: the Donut Shoppe).

Then again, we suspect the store locator is underselling Subway’s ubiquity — “Queens, NY” only yields one location, which is crazy wrong. Anyway, whatever. Welcome to Mall-hattan, kids! Look to your left and you’ll see the newly christened T.G.I. Friday’s of Union Square! Look to your right and you’ll see ESPN Zone! Oh wait, it closed yesterday — at least there’s that. Paging PF %$^&ing; Chang’s!