There Was Another Hidden Armory Bar, Too

Photo: jrubinic's Flickr

By the way, the Garryowen isnt the only soldier bar to grace Manhattan until recently, there was also one inside the Lexington Avenue Armorys Upper East Side counterpart. Back in 2006, one of our favorite bar writers (and occasional Grub Street contributor), Joshua M. Bernstein, included the Park Avenue Armorys eatery, the Seventh Regiment Mess Restaurant & Bar, in New York Presss Best of Manhattan issue: It was the best bar to get drunk with homeless women and the ghosts of old soldiers, but it closed shortly after the write-up (the Park Avenue Armory is now home to an arts nonprofit), so for now youll have to settle for reading about the ghostly Bavarian beer hall two bowling lanes long, outfitted with antlered moose heads and super-sharp sabers. We couldnt find any interiors of the former restaurant, but photos of other reception rooms should give you an idea of how fantastic it must have been. Oh well, there's always Mess Night.

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