The Latest Pizza Chain With Good Intentions and a Bad Name: Revd Up Pi


Why, oh why, must all these new crunchy pizzeria chains be so awkwardly named? We’ve already scratched our heads over zpizza and Slice, the Perfect Food, and now Revd Up Pi (or Revd Up π, if you want to be even more awkward about it) is due to open in Murray Hill, at 451 Third Avenue at 31st Street. Fork in the Road can safely add it to their list of 13 Worst Restaurant Names. And just count the buzzwords in two sentences we pulled from a Backpage ad for staffers.

Revd up Pi will be a “healthy [DING!], new-age [DING!], organic [DING!], eco-friendly [DING!] pizzeria” that will “revolutionize pizza by using fresh [DING!], wholesome [DING!], organic [DING!] ingredients, and creating the most delicious, healthy [DING!], low-calorie [DING!] foods that are loaded with antioxidants [DING!], cutting edge nutrients [DING!] and amazing flavor.” If this sounds super-duper, you may want to bookmark the aspiring national chain’s Facebook page.

New-age Healthy Pizza concept looking for great people [Backpage]