Kelvin All-Natural Slushy Truck Arrives Just in Time for Summer


Truly scorching-hot summer days do not call for ice cream (we’ve never understood how people can do dairy in 90-degree weather) — they call for slushies. Filling the needs of the lactose-averse and 7-11–inconvenient this summer is Kelvin Natural Slush, a bright blue truck named for the temperature scale based on absolute zero. The truck is manned by Alex Rein, a 30-year-old former lawyer who gave up the corporate grind for the itinerant life of a frozen-treats truck driver. “Growing up, I always liked Slurpees and other types of icy slush drinks,” he told us. “But as a young adult working in a law firm, you couldn’t really go into work carrying a big neon cup with X-Men characters or Iron Man on the side.”

In an effort to adultify the slushy experience, Rein plans to sling “more sophisticated, less sweet” flavors like Spicy Ginger, Tangy Citrus, and Green and Black Tea, to which he’s happy to add any number of fresh-fruit purées. (He also won’t frown on you adding a little something yourself: The Kelvin website notes that “our tangy citrus slushies make an amazing margarita, and our spicy ginger makes a killer frozen Dark ‘n’ Stormy.”) The truck starts rolling in July; the requisite Twitter account will tell you exactly where and when.