Sunny Blue Inc. Bringing Omusubi to SoCal

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Another new taste is coming to Santa Monica, this time in the form of Japanese omusubi. Sunny Blue Inc. will open soon in the Cameron Building, neighboring Main Street News. According to the company, this will be Southern California’s first place to buy omusubi/onigiri, which are rice balls stuffed with seafood and savories, and sometimes wrapped in seaweed, a popular snack in The Land of the Rising Sun. Sunny Blue will source its ingredients from nearby farmers markets and, just in case seaweed-wrapped rice balls are too challenging for your palate–or you miss the Pinkberry that used to sit here–frozen yogurt will also be a big focus. The store will be committed to reusable containers, even charging guests ten cents every time they use a new one. Though a planned May opening has been pushed back slightly, Sunny Blue Inc. should be open this month. A website is now online with more information.

Sunny Blue Inc. 2728 Main St. Santa Monica. 310-399-9030.