Steven Arroyo Going Totally Loco For Tortillas at Esquela

Esquela might be in session on Stanley this August
Esquela might be in session on Stanley this August Photo: Elizabeth Daniels via Eater L.A.

Details are emerging on Esquela, planned for an August opening by conceptualist-owner-about-town Steven Arroyo, who is apparently a major taco fan, telling Feast, “Whether it’s braised beef, shrimp or wild boar, I always thought it would be better to have a tortilla around it.” He also informs Eater that “Esquela,” misspelled like the discarded street-sign that inspired it, will be a taqueria that “re-introduces” the road-weary taco by focusing on handmade tortillas, along with sandwiches, daily-changing burritos, and aguas frescas. A lobster tank offers the highest hopes, with kill-to-order treats projected. Apparently, Arroyo might also expand Esquela as a small Southland chain if successful. That is, Umami Burger-successful, not just Cobras and Matadors successful.

Esquela, 306 N. Stanley Ave. Mid-City

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