Soup Nazi Avoids the Press; Chipotle Opens 1,000th Restaurant

• If you want to interview Al Yeganeh, you can’t ask follow-up questions or call him the Soup Nazi. [Metropolis/WSJ]

• Chipotle opened its 1,000th restaurant yesterday, and serves food to 750,000 people a day. [Marketwatch]

• A search of Google Patents turned up some strange food-related inventions, including a thumb lollipop and a burrito on a stick. [Food for Men/Esquire]

• An investigation of how eating garlic or asparagus produces a change in body scent turns up the terrifying fact that repeated eating of certain foods can cause a permanent change in body odor. [Salon]

• If you haven’t already instituted your own World Cup drinking games, here’s a handy guide to some choice beverages from the remaining countries. [Chow]

• Calorie-labeling at restaurants may not be a perfect system, but it’s still beneficial to everyone and something the federal government should require across the nation. [Atlantic]

• For those who consider goat one of the least approachable meats for home cooking, a video primer on how to source it and make it delicious. [Atlantic]