Sifton Goes Casual at Balaboosta; Cheshes Lands a Table at the Lion


Balaboosta is a “charming and casual Middle Eastern trattoria,” says Sam Sifton. It’s “a casual, take-your-parents-or-a-date restaurant.” [NYT]
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“Like the city’s other clubby spots, the food takes a backseat to the scene” at the Lion, notes Jay Cheshes. “Which isn’t to say that it’s not often delicious.” [TONY]
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“The almost dizzying array of options” at Tanoreen reveal “a place that revels in temptation — and, even more so, in sating it,” says Katherine Sterling. [NYer]
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The Neapolitan pies at Totale Pizza are “seriously delicious bargains,” says Ed Levine. The “stupendous” Totale Pie is a “must-order.” [Serious Eats NY]
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Despite “overcrowding of tables, low levels of service, and limited bills of fare” at Cascabel Taqueria, “after the first uncomfortable bite, you’ll fall in love,” says Robert Sietsema. [VV]