Serge Becker Bringing Caribbean to Greenwich Village?

NOT dressed for a party.
NOT dressed for a party. Photo: Getty Images

PX This was right about Akhtar Nawab going to La Esquina, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on the latest rumor — that Anna Wintour is “allegedly warning Serge Becker to refrain from throwing ‘parties’ at his new currently-under-construction exotic eatery, located (perilously?) close to Ms. Wintour’s abode.” For some time, we’ve heard that Becker (in addition to planning a downtown bathhouse) is at work on a Caribbean joint that will serve Jamaican jerk chicken. But where?

Put two and two together and you can guess it’ll be in the Bleecker Street building (that developer John Wu said would house a jazz club and cabaret) that Wintour got riled up about last year.

The Blabber in the Trenches [PX This]