One Less Good Thing in Times Square: The Rum House Will Close

Photo: Courtesy of the Rum House

It’s funny, around the time that we learned that Bare Elegance had closed, we were talking (okay, ranting) to someone about what’s left of Times Square and said something to the effect of, “It’s a miracle the Rum House hasn’t closed” (that being the improbably scrappy, lovable piano bar on the ground floor of the Edison Hotel). Maybe we jinxed it, or maybe the days of all good, old things in Manhattan are numbered and (to paraphrase a Times story on chain stores) we can only wonder who will be left when the Subways and Dunkin’ Donuts turn the entire city green, yellow, orange, and purple, but either way: According to its Facebook fan page, the Rum House will close when its lease expires at the end of year. If you want to find us, we’ll be ranting into our beer at Jimmy’s Corner — while it’s still there.

Fans of the Rum House [Facebook via Lost City]