No Reservations Catering and Party Q’Sadilla Trucks Debut

No Reservations Catering
No Reservations Catering Photo: No Reservations via Facebook

Anthony Bourdain is due in town in about two weeks, let’s hope that doesn’t mean copyright problems for No Reservations Catering, a new Middle Eastern-influenced food truck that rolled onto Abbot-Kinney this past weekend. NRC serves a small menu of six wraps named after movie titles, including “The Green Mile” of roasted veggies served in a boule roll for vegetarians, “Rosemary’s Baby” with rosemary chicken, smoked gouda and Israeli cous cous, and “Silence of the Lambs” with a marinated, roasted leg of lamb and pomegranate red wine sauce in a wrap. What else?

In addition to a mini cheesecake they claim as a signature, truffle and garlic fries are served, and we can attest the garlic version are noticeably better than many new efforts we’ve tasted in brick-and-mortarville. You can see for yourself on Wilshire today for lunch while following No Reservations’ adventures on Twitter and Facebook. What else arrived via four-wheels this past weekend?

Party Q’Sadilla has a bright orange truck that’s even harder to ignore than its festive name. This truck revisits Korean-Mexican fusion, though it appears a little more conflicted than that. The quesadillas are available with a choice of toppings from beef and chicken to pepperoni, kim chi, and jalapeno, while tacos and burritos veer more towards the traditional, while hardly comparing to any nearby Oaxacan taco truck efforts. The sides are more scattered still, with teriyaki, curry, meatballs, and a grilled potato dish called gochi available. Unfortunately here, the name remains the best part of the truck as far as we tasted. Stick to Q’Sadilla’s Twitter page if you want to give it a shot yourself and let us know what you think in our comments.