Neighbors Hate New East Village Bars’ Crowds, Names


A new website, Capital, takes a nice, long, statistics-filled look at the noise wars in the East Village (most recent example: Neighbors rallied against Sea on A, a planned fish market and seafood joint on Avenue A between 10th and 11th Streets), and decides that though the number of licensed establishments hasn’t changed much in recent years, neighbors may be angry because their concentration around Avenue A has increased, and because the quality of their patrons seems to have degenerated (limos pulling up to Superdive, etc.). Meanwhile, EV Grieve has issues with the names of the neighborhood’s most recent additions — e.g., the arguably offensive 13th Step, SRO, and the Ninth Ward. That last New Orleans–themed bar from the owners of Shoolbred’s (which drew ire from Grub Street commenters when we previewed it last month) is now open.

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