Mixt Greens, Bui Lounge, and Zuma Cafe Revamp Are Due for The ‘Bu

Hopes rest heavy on new celeb chef restaurants on Malibu Pier
Hopes rest heavy on new celeb chef restaurants on Malibu Pier Photo: Slow Cyclist via Flickr

Malibu will fill at least two of the glaring holes that riddle its retail real estate with new restaurant spaces, even as the city still sweats a potentially weak summer season for lack of stores. Malibu Times reports that Mixt Greens, the NorCal chain that resembles our own Tender Greens, is heading to the space formerly occupied by Casa Escobar in Malibu Village. This will mark the chain’s third store opening in five months and we can only guess more are headed our way. And what other conceivably delicious changes are to come in Malibu?

Up the coast a bit, Bui Sushi is adding Bui Lounge to its Colony Plaza space, with plans to open during the first week in July in the former home of Phillipe Dere’s store. Further north, Zuma Beach Cafe has changed ownership to local Ronique Arutunyen, a 28-year-old who promises to renovate both inside and out and has already added deli cases of sandwiches and salads. Aruteunyen would like to eventually turn Zuma into a juice bar and is considering a potential name change to Zuma Beach Club.

Though it is reported that the city is still reeling from Wolfgang Puck leaving his Granita in 2005–a space that still hasn’t been rented–the recent arrival of Cafe Habana and future plans for both Puck and Nobu to put restaurants on the pier offer hope that Malibu’s dining scene and restaurant economy might rebound with some fresh blood pumping through its streets.

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