Medal of Honor Recipients Flock to Port Richmond Bar; Atlantic City High School Students Get Warning From Lunch Ladies

• Medal of Honor recipients from near and far flock to Port Richmond’s Mick’s Inn. [Inquirer]

• Atlantic City High School’s cafeteria workers tell students, “Don’t mess with the lunch ladies.” [NBC 10]

• The Food Network will launch a branded cruise in August, offering a seven night sail with two Food Network chefs on board. [In Transit/NYT]

CNN food blog Eatocracy launched yesterday. [Eatocracy/CNN]

• Padma Lakshmi was spotted out on a date with David Spade. [Celebuzz]

• Campbell’s Soup is recalling fifteen million pounds of Spaghetti-Os with meatballs due to potential underprocessing. [WBZ]

• The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has severed ties with McDonald’s, following what they believe to be homophobic remarks from the company’s COO. [Instinct via Huffington Post]

• Wednesday’s Top Chef season premiere was the show’s lowest-rated yet. [WP]

• The first prize at the World Series of Beer Pong, completed on Tuesday, was $25,000. [Huffington Post]

• Shochu consumption is on the rise in American consumers. [NRN]

• Restaurants across the country are experimenting with "pay what you want" pricing, but one economist is not optimistic about their chances for survival. [Salon]