Meat Is for Pussies Tries to Sell Meatheads on Meatlessness


Via PETA’s blog (“It’s summertime, and the living is easy — unless you’re an animal who’s killed for the grill”), here’s news of a new book, Meat Is for Pussies, which publisher Crush Books is pitching as “a how-to guide for dudes who want to get fit, kick ass and take names.” That’s right, the “dude food” trend has finally intersected with the “less meat” trend! Like Moby, the author is a vegan musician, though Cro-Mags front man John “Bloodclot” Joseph is way more ripped. Dude was “raised by the mean streets of NYC in the mid-70s” and according to his bio, “changing how he thought about food saved him from the same early death many of his peers faced.” Because enjoying the occasional carnitas cemita is the same thing as shooting heroin.

Sadly, carnivorism has made us too lethargic to read this thoughtful tome, but the introduction featured on its Facebook page should give you an idea: “The kick-ass, easy-to-make, nutrient-rich meals and super-food recommendations in the back of this book will jump-start your metabolism and kick your libido into overdrive.”

Meat Is for Pussies [Official site via PETA]