Mattie’s Southern Kitchen Truck Throws in the Towel For Brick-And-Mortar Plans


Mattie’s Southern Kitchen Truck rolled onto the scene last November with a lot of bravado, telling Squid Ink how they were going to school us on Eastern Carolina barbecue and its proper nomenclature. Well, school’s apparently out for the summer, as LAist reports the truck is not coming back after turning off its engine for a fixin’, as they probably say back home. So what’s next for the Mattie’s Kitchen crew?

Owner Chris Rattican cites “major problems” with the truck and shouts to the Twittersphere that they are “not getting repaired soon. Afraid that means we r closed,” before teasing that a brick-and-mortar location is in-the-works, likely with a similar menu inspired by Mattie, the former housekeeper of the owner’s family.

Hear that potential truckers? Dave Danhi of Grilled Cheese Truck might be right that the wheeled-menu movement ain’t as sweet as it sounds next to running a restaurant, especially once your ride breaks down. We’ll keep our eyes on Rattican while you digest this latest demise and reconsider any plans to get your motor running.

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