Manhattan Loses Two Japanese Restaurants, But Gains a Ramen Joint

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Japanophiles, you’re having a rough month. Not only did your World Cup team lose to the Netherlands last Saturday, but two Japanese eateries have closed. Midtown Lunch noticed that the Health Department shuttered Herald Square sushi joint Ichi Umi on June 14. In an e-mail to Grub Street, the DOH said: “Violations found included evidence of mice, roaches and flies in food and non-food areas, food held out of safe temperatures, food unprotected from contamination, and inadequate plumbing and lighting.” Yowza.

Eater today noted the passing of midtown’s Yakitori Torys and its reincarnation as a ramen joint — a sibling to Totto Ramen. Rameniacs will no doubt obsess over the type of ramen — shio? miso? tonkotsu? — on offer, but a rep at Totto Ramen was loath to disclose the details (or name) of the reincarnated restaurant. (Tipsters, let us know if you uncover any details.)

Yakitori Torys Shutters to Become Another Ramen Joint [Eater NY]