Madame Chocolat Is Knot Playing for Father’s Day

Will Dad tie one on this year?
Will Dad tie one on this year? Photo: Madame Chocolate

Do you have the kind of Dad who is just as happy getting a bag of peanut M&M;’s as he would be getting a costly necktie from Savile Row? Beverly Hills’ Madame Chocolat, who unleashed those fierce milk chocolate heels on Canon Drive last Valentine’s Day, is back for Father’s Day with chocolate laptops, wristwatches, golf balls, and cigars for the older man in your life. The coolest have to be these chocolate ties though, available in both milk and dark chocolate and hand-painted in a variety of designer colors. Coming in a gift-wrapped package, one life-size tie is included for eighteen dollars and, unlike all those other ties you bought him for Father’s Day, this one he’ll actually use. Check out all the sweet creations Madame Chocolat has lined up for your Pops on the store’s website, where you can order them for the big day too.