LudoBites Coming Back to Gram and Papa’s for Summer Run

Photo: LudoBites

It’s been about six weeks since Ludo Lefebvre closed the fourth chapter of LudoBites, only leaving behind lingering memories of insane soft shell crab cones, ingenious squid carbonara with pancetta and egg 63, succulent beef cheeks with escargot and red wine butter, and an enduring sandwich named in his honor. LudoBites 5.0 was just announced this morning, and it’s coming back to Gram and Papa’s Downtown space for another six week-plus run, citing the old maxim, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” From July 21st to September 3rd, Ludo will be in the house blowing minds and probably racking up more national superlatives. The space will be the same, but the food will not be. LudoBites 4.0 was the most assured version of the chef’s pop-up restaurant yet, we can’t wait to see what the fifth go-around could bring, especially in a kitchen where Ludo and his crew have become quite comfortable.

Reservations go on sale on Wednesday, July 7th and will be available fourteen days before the actual date you want to go. See for more info.