Lowly Lawyers Are Finally Granted Access to the Times Cafeteria

Photo: David Sundberg/Esto

An employee of one of the six law firms that share the New York Times Building with the Gray Lady sends us the following bit of intel: “Lawyers are allowed to eat in the Times building’s cafeteria now. We just got access a couple of weeks ago after much negotiation.” The firm’s employees have resented the Times for keeping access to its “so precious” cafeteria closed off (“there was obviously a snub,” says our tipster), but the opening (which, rumor has it, may only be on a trial basis) isn’t exactly being met with cheers.

Since we’ve been in the building (I think we moved in 2007), the food options on the street have gotten much better, with Schnipper’s, Dean & DeLuca and Guy & Gallard … I think people are loyal now to where they’ve been eating for the past couple of years. There’s a nice airy space but the food is boring. Except for the sushi.

Well, at least it’s an alternative to the dubious Times Restaurant across the street.