Lost City Blogger Dims the Lights on the Internet


Back in 2006, Brooks of Sheffield wrote a brief, vitriolic lament headlined “The Proverbial Straw” about the closing of McHale’s in midtown and what that meant for New York City. Dozens and dozens of New York icons have shuttered since then, and Brooks chronicled them with well-placed outrage in nearly 3,000 posts. “I began the blog because I was incensed and alarmed at what the city was becoming. It was losing its grit, its fabric, its very character,” he wrote Saturday in his final post. “It’s like writing a volcano report from Pompei; you know the communiques are going to end sometime.” His final gift to readers is the great Lost City List: “a simple tally of classic, utterly New York place [sic] worthy of your patronage.” We concur, and thank Brooks for his great service to New York City, past and present. [Lost City]