Lopez Siblings Chasing Pal Cabron With Natura Nieves Oaxaquenas

An icy Guelaguetza cocktail
An icy Guelaguetza cocktail Photo: Guelaguetza via Facebook

If you’ve been keeping your eye on the closed Guelaguetza in Palms, wondering whether the shuttered storefront could re-emerge as a Westside location of Cemitas and Clayudas Pal Cabron, you’ve been looking in the wrong place. Fernando and Bricia Lopez will follow their Pueblano sandwich shop with a new Oaxacan juice bar next to the original Guelaguetza on Eighth Street. Ms. Lopez promises,”Jamba Juice with a Oaxacan twist,” while Eater predicts organic fruit juices, shakes, and Oaxacan ice cream. Could icy cherimoya aguas frescas or mole-shaded shakes be on the way? We’ll find out in about two weeks, but knowing the research and effort that went into Pal Cabron from this influential family, expect it to be fresh, invigorating, and, as Matthew Kang of Mattatouille points out, ideal for summer.

Natura Oaxacan Juice Cafe Opening in K-Town [Eater]