Suburban Butcher Sold Lion Meat to Arizona Bar

You can get snake there, too.
You can get snake there, too. Photo: courtesy of Czimer’s Game and Seafood

Yesterday we read about a bar and restaurant in Arizona that was selling a lion burger for a World Cup promotion. Animal activists planned protests, and the bar owner received bomb threats. Oddly, while lion meat is admittedly a strange thing to sell, it’s not actually illegal. But the story got a whole lot stranger last night. It turns out that the lion meat came from Czimer’s Game & Sea Foods in nearby Homer Glen, about 30 miles southwest of Chicago. The owner Richard Czimer went to jail in 2003 for selling meat he claimed was lion meat, but turned out be tiger and leopard meat, which are, in fact, both illegal.

This time he’s claiming that everything is legal and USDA inspected, though CNN reports that the USDA doesn’t even inspect lions. This could get fun. At least now we know where to go when we need some camel and llama meat. Still, the whole lion thing is throwing us off. I mean, who knew we had a person in the suburbs who butchered lions? We just thought that Asian carp was our biggest worry. [CNN via The Stew]