Why Eat Bacon and Cupcakes When You Can Lick Them in Paper Form?

Note: Do not actually bite the piece of paper.
Note: Do not actually bite the piece of paper. Photo: Courtesy American Greetings

Truly: We live in the golden age of flavored paper products, as this week saw the introduction of not one, but two lickable, food-adjacent stationery lines. The folks behind Bacon Salt debuted bacon-flavored envelopes at the Fancy Food Show in New York last weekend. Ditch that nasty glue flavor for something porkier.

Card company American Greetings took edible stationery one step further, adding flavor to a product that — unlike an envelope — is not something that often comes into contact with taste buds. Instead, “Tasties” greeting cards contain what the company refers to as “deliciously dissolvable flavor-strips.” Along with the flagship cupcake flavor (so very birthday-appropriate!), you can encourage your friends and loved ones to celebrate milestones by licking bits of cardboard flavored like margaritas and doughnuts. So far neither product is being marketed as either a diet aid or a fiber supplement, but we imagine it’s only a matter of time before someone hops on that train.

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