Kauffman Refuses to Wait for Brunch; Reidinger Can’t Quite Handle the Heat at Ruchi


Like us, Jonathan Kauffman refuses to be one of the sad sheep in line for the latest hot brunch spot, no matter how awesome the food is. He divides said lines into two camps: “Half are the overachievers, who’ve biked 40 miles or mopped the house before heading out for waffles… The other half are the drooping refugees from last night’s parties, pondering whether to cling tighter to last night’s screw or their dignity.” He goes on to recommend three solid brunch options with no lines: Orson, Out the Door (on Bush), and Uva Enoteca. [SF Weekly]

Paul Reidinger hits up Ruchi, which Kauffman did just a bit ago, and he finds some dishes “expertly seasoned” but others rather spicy. He waxes, “Chili overheating, like influenza, is an affliction that just has to play itself out, and there isn’t much you can do except be patient.” [SFBG]

Bite Club Eats
visits Piner Café in Santa Rosa and writes that Chef Cheyenne Simpkins is “no one’s fry cook.” The Dry Creek Kitchen and Per Se alum has opened a steakhouse with a decidedly Southern flair, and allegedly his Louisiana fried chicken with red pepper gravy “kills.” [Bite Club Eats]