Joyride Enters Fro-Yo–Truck Lane


Last summer’s fro-yo war continues, this year in truck form. Competing with Berry Froyo as of July will be a combination fro-yo–and-coffee truck called Joyride. There are two flavors: original and Buzzed (original, but caffeinated). Expect organic, seasonal fruits for toppings, as well as bittersweet chocolate croquants, coconut shavings, and jaggery, a sweet Sri Lankan palm syrup. “I love everything from the hot-dog vendors to haute cuisine on food trucks, but there’s so much out there that’s just really, really unhealthy. Frozen yogurt is actually pretty healthy,” asserts co-founder Lev Brie.

Joyride will also serve Brooklyn-roasted Stumptown coffee and a selection of specialty drinks like the “flat white,” a New Zealand drink that’s “in between a macchiato and cappuccino,” Brie says. Follow the truck on Twitter to track its launch and location. If you can’t wait, there’s a free launch party in Long Island City on Sunday evening; RSVP for more details.