Jonathan Gold: Hear Him on the Radio Or Have Him Ring Up Your Cellie

Driven to Ruen
Driven to Ruen Photo: Ron Diggity via Flickr

Ever visit one of your favorite restaurants only to find it backed up because Jonathan Gold just sang its praises? Now you can try and stay a step ahead of the counter culture massive by texting “Good Food” to 69866. You’ll get hit right back with Mr. Gold’s restaurant pick of the week from Evan Kleiman’s radio show, along with the address and phone number. That way you can make a mad dash and call ahead to suss out the situation. We’re hoping that this might precede a line of Jonathan Gold Baby Beanies in mini N.W.A. T-shirts and eventually, a voice-activated GPS that mysteriously steers you towards Ruen Pair no matter what you plug into it.