Joe Bastianich Will Not Suffer Fools Gladly on Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef


Ahead of its July 29 premiere, Fox has released some previews from the American version of MasterChef, as well as an interview with Joe Bastianich. If these clips are any indicator, a goateed Bastianch will cut straight to the chase in identifying whos a poseur and whos a faker. His assessment of one mastercheftestants dramatically soundtracked Beer Cheese Soup (its a bad dish you know it, I know it) is way harsher than that of fellow judge Graham Elliot Bowles (of Chicago's Graham Elliot), but then again its not nearly as predictably obnoxious as host Gordon Ramsays verdict: That has to be the most disgusting soup Ive ever [bleep]ing tasted in my entire life. Ramsay also takes delight in spitting out a fish taco. Anyway, for his sake, lets hope Bastianich doesnt get as self-serious as onion-eschewing judge Scott Conant.

MasterChef - The Worst Soup I've Ever Tasted []