Hester Street Fair Gets Serrano Sammies

The one Bittman loved.
The one Bittman loved. Photo: NYT

One more update to bring you from the great outdoors — the Hester Street Fair brings word that a new vendor, Jamon Jamon!, will sell flautas (or skinny, miniature-baguette sandwiches) inspired by Café Viena, the Barcelona sandwicherie Mark Bittman so loved. The sandwiches will be stuffed with Serrano ham (not the top-of-the-line pata negra or Jabugo, it seems) as well as one of three options: goat-cheese spread, sundried-tomato–garlic spread, and a lighter tomato–olive-oil spread. Great! Now just put one of these on every street corner. Then again, the last Spain-inspired mini-sandwich concept didn’t last a year.