GM Who Tangled With Ryan Skeen Lands at La Esquina


The general manager who left 5 & Diamond after losing it on Ryan Skeen has landed on her feet. Last night Danny Meyer was in the house presumably to try Akhtar Nawab’s duck-confit-tamale special at La Esquina (guess the Shake Shack Nolita debacle didn’t scare him away from the area?), but the person we were most surprised to see was Gwen Butler.

You’ll recall that Butler’s long, strange trip began when, as a Boston bartender, she famously got $2.75 million from a random patron to open her own place. She has since managed at Bubby’s, 5 & Diamond, and now seems quite happy to have touched down at La Esquina. Meanwhile, Akhtar Nawab is still working on those sweetbread tacos — word is the space that housed his old place, Elettaria, has finally been rented out. A Community Board 2 agenda has one Chili Jam applying for a liquor license there.