Forget Cereal Milk: Here Are Cereal Milkshakes Off a Truck

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Sure, Momofuku Milk Bar has cereal milk, but Breezy Point has cereal milkshakes! The Breezy Dog truck, operated by one Maria, who sells Christmas trucks trees and flowers during the off-season, is once again parked at State Road near Beach 169th Street (between the Marine Parkway Bridge and Fort Tilden). In addition to the “famous” Breezy Dog (homemade chili with whiz — and not quite up to Meat Hook dog caliber), there are “millions of milkshakes” (slight hyperbole). You can get them blended with pretty much any candy there is (the truck mostly caters to Little Leaguers, after all), as well as (our personal favorite) Froot Loops. After you’ve sucked down one of these gut-busters, wait at least 24 hours before swimming.