Food Trucks Circulate Petition Against LaBonge

Grill 'Em All has strong words to motivate its followers today
Grill ‘Em All has strong words to motivate its followers todayPhoto: RobotClaw666 via Flickr

If you ever wondered what food trucks standing up for their rights would sound like, Grill ‘Em All might provide insight when it tells its Twitter followers, “Don’t be a lazy asshole! Sign this, it takes 2 seconds!” That’s right, mobile caterers are firing back at food truck public enemies numbers one and two with a new campaign aimed at Tom LaBonge and Paul Koretz, following recent motions to banish roving restaurants to a fixed locale. An online petition asserts that the signers are “against any City bill that would limit access to the Food Trucks” and currently has 4,598 signatures. Elsewhere, Eater lets on that food trucks and their fans will protest LaBonge’s community bike ride at 5:00 P.M. tonight. Is this truckin’ trend about to turn truly ugly? Could Angelenos be more politically motivated for fast food than they are for peace? Stay tuned.

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