Escuela Named as Steve Arroyo’s Next Project

Photo: Gorski via Flickr

Today we received a press release for East L.A. Meets Napa, a July 8th 9th event in Whittier at Downtown’s Union Station that will find a superstar lineup of chefs from Rivera, Birreria Jalisco, Cacao Mexicatessen, Moles La Tia, Homegirl Cafe, and El Tepeyac, among others, serving their food with Northern Cali wines. It’s thrilling to find some of L.A.’s most legendary Mex gathered in one place, but even more exciting still to see the release include “Steven Arroyo of yet to be opened Esquela.” Sounds like the former Church & State owner and Cobras and Matadors magnate has his sights set on a new Latin-influenced restaurant. Permits don’t appear online nor do any other mentions of Escuela (or “Esquela”), so until the man himself gets back with some answers, imagine a schoolroom pub setting with small plates of creative Mexican to start and like any good maestro, he can help set the facts straight.