A Deli That’s Cheaper Than Fast Food?; Tavern on the Green Goes Dark

Workers are busy transforming Tavern on the Green into a visitors' center. The twinkling tree lights are already gone. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

A new proposal from Mayor Bloomberg would make significant cuts to school-provided meals. [WSJ]

The owner of the Mill Basin Kosher Deli is on a crusade to prove that his restaurant is cheaper than fast food, even sending out secret shoppers to measure competitors' sandwiches. [NYDN]

Bill Telepan and Tom Colicchio helped kids harvest vegetables from the White House Garden on Friday. [Food Safety News]

A Manhattan woman was arrested after hitting her friend with a George Foreman grill. [NYP]

Paula Deen accused her maid of stealing more than $10,000 worth of jewelry. [TMZ]

New Jersey's wine producers are experimenting with several varietals to determine what grows best there. [NYP]

A Sydney restaurateur claims he's made the world's biggest burger, clocking in at 210 pounds. [UPI]

California Pizza Kitchen is up for sale, but the biggest private equity firms aren't interested. [NYP]

Foie gras and truffles are on the menu at Japanese Denny's. [Eater National]