Eataly Invites You to Make the Jump From Mergers to Fish Acquisitions

Joe Bastianich
Joe Bastianich Photo: Melissa Hom

Now that it’s gearing up for its opening, Eataly is looking to fill management and operations slots. But the Craigslist ad isn’t seeking the usual “fine dining experience.” Instead it courts individuals who have “little or no experience in the field”: “We are looking for successful professionals with at least 5 years of very strong managerial experience in other industries, such as finance, who will do whatever it takes to switch their long-term career into an exciting opportunity with Eataly.” And they’re so determined to avoid the usual restaurant-management suspects that they’ll pay you $30,000 for three to six months of training (another ad indicates that managers will make between $45,000 and $75,000). The move isn’t that weird when you consider that Joe Bastianich’s first job was at Merrill Lynch. Foodie bankers — now’s your chance to roll with Batali.

Attention Foodies (and Finance Execs) - Eataly Opening in NYC!!! (Flatiron) [Craigslist]