East Village Spots Close (and Openly Serve Minors)


As previously mentioned, Cosmic Cantina is moving, and EV Grieve passes on the news that it’s giving away the rest of its food and drink starting tonight at 4 p.m. That site also notices that that-pub-you-always-walk-by, Lilly Coogan’s, has closed, and (the real drama) NYC the Blog finds documents affixed to faux-slumming spot Cheap Shots that indicate it has been shut down for fighting and underage drinking. Cheap Shots isn’t one of the bars mentioned in the Post’s non-story about East Village establishments that served an underage intern, but it looks like Cosmic Cantina, at least, went out in style.

Per the Post: “A male bartender at Cosmic Cantina, at 99 Third Avenue, looked over the license before selling the intern a bottle of Dos Equis for $5. He then said, ‘This is for you,’ and poured a free shot of tequila.” Good to see one East Village spot is intent on keeping things above board — according to a chalkboard photographed by ever-observant EV Grieve, 7A has a policy against needles in the bathroom. Kind of like PDT’s anti-cocaine policy.

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