Dana Hollister Channels The Haight, Hendrix, and Jack The Ripper for Downtown’s Villains Tavern


Dana Hollister, the designer/owner behind Bordello and Brite Spot, and the founder of Cliff’s Edge and 4100 Bar, has a new restaurant, live entertainment, and bar project due for Downtown’s Arts District in July. Villains Tavern will serve squeezed-to-order fresh fruit cocktails, 28 draft beers in chilled glasses, and a quick list of small plates that a press release promises will “be given a villainous twist,” which is hopefully a good thing. Hollister is putting her vampiric, “Plug Ugly” stamp on the space, which will open with 1600-square-feet of outdoor space on two church pew-adorned patios, plus deep red walls on the inside with chandeliers, plate-glass windows lined with antique bottles, and an old 19th-century bar from The Bowery backed by a Gothic-arched church-window refitted as a massive mirror. “If Jimi Hendrix and Jack the Ripper had opened a bar in the Haight in the 1860’s, this is what it would look like,” Hollister announces, though Bucket ‘O Blood must have not passed for a suitable name this go-around.

Villains Tavern, opening in July at 1356 Palmetto St. Downtown