Classic Molly’s Burgers Facing Eviction in Hollywood

Photo: Molly’s Charbroiled Burger House

Ooh, a fight! We want in. Looks as though Hollywood could have a potential Irv’s Burgers situation on its hands at Selma and Vine as Eater announces that Molly’s Charbroiled Burger House, built in 1953 and now dwarfed by malls and high-rise buildings, is likely going to have to move its adorable hut to make way for some eight-story, purple-toned office building. Boo, you bullying office building! So now, like Irv’s, which won the protracted battle over its right to stay on Sunset on the grounds of being all historical-like in 2005, Molly’s and its fans might now try and pursue a similar option. At the very least, the owner is hoping the city will help Molly’s relocate, passionately voicing concerns at a recent City Council Meeting. We’ll admit we wouldn’t miss the burgers here as much as we’d miss this piece of our history. Stay tuned to see who comes out on top in the end.

Molly’s Charbroiled Threatened By New Office Tower [Eater]