Can New Yorkers Really Not Handle Nashville Hot Chicken?

Photo: Courtesy of Peaches HotHouse

Allow us to add a few dining destinations to the Five-Point Weekend Escape Plans recent Nashville recommendations. First, theres the crunkest fish in town at Eastside Fish. Then, for sheer gluttony, theres the Fat Mos burger. For some dive-bar charm and pimento cheese, theres Rotiers. And last, but certainly not least, the communal soul-food feasts at Monells. Oh, and how could we forget hot chicken? Actually, thanks to an offshoot of Peaches in Bed-Stuy, Peaches HotHouse, you dont have to go to Princes for cayenne-laced chicken anymore or do you?

After a recent visit, Fork in the Road expressed disappointment that the joints fried chicken, though suitably crispy, simply wasnt hot enough, prompting the owners of Peaches (who also operate Smoke Joint) to respond in the comments.

OK. So here's the deal. After our first week, due to a few delicate constitutions, some expletives and the overall litigious nature of New Yorkers, we did turn down the heat a bit. Now we only bring the fire if someone asks. However, you may be required to sign a waiver ...

Well, golly. Are they saying New York city slickers just cant take the heat? Thems fighting words! The Nashville Scene, for one, is excited about our weak constitutions.

Knowing that New Yorkers will concede in a New York minute that Nashville beats them in a hot minute at something the Yankees only know about from a food documentary? That somehow gives me a warm feeling.

Peaches got something right, anyway: Like a true Nashville hot-chicken joint, its closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Peaches Hot House's Nashville-Style Hot Chicken [Fork in the Road/VV via Nashville Scene]

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