Go Shopping in Chinatown With Buddakan Chef Yang Huang

Photo: Helen Rosner

Every three months or so, Buddakan's coexecutive chef Yang Huang leads his staff on a tour of Chinatown. It's not just his fellow kitchen workers who make the trek the tours are designed to familiarize front-of-house staffers with the neighborhood. ("I've never been off of Canal street!" one server confessed to us. "But don't tell chef.") While Buddakan's menu skews more pan-Asian than the traditional comfort foods of Mott Street, Huang believes the excursions serve a purpose: "It's good for them to get out here and see what [Buddakan's] food was inspired by," he said. "It makes them smarter servers." We tagged along on Huang's most recent excursion earlier this week check out the slideshow to see the chef's favorite places to pick up noodles, tofu, banana flowers, beef jerky, and more.