Brooklyn Bridge Park Vendors Prepare for July Opening

Photo: Rendering by Jesse LeCavalier

This is what the new Blue Marble stand in Brooklyn Bridge Park will look like, but don’t expect to get a cone until the end of July, or even August. (Navigating city park permits is challenging.) “It’s a little more substantial and cooler-looking [than a cart], and had more of a presence,” says co-owner Alexis Miesen. “We’re constructing a cool little structure composed of shipping pallets as a nod to the history of the area at Pier 1.” Find it on the southwest corner of the pier facing the Statue of Liberty. (Think of the cones-as-torches photo possibilities!) A standard cart will also serve ice cream at Pier 6.

The other Pier 1 vendors are expected to open in July, says David Lowin of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corp. Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar (brought to you by the folks behind the Frying Pan) will anchor a small plaza and be the only place in the park to get a legal drink. (Eventually, at Pier 6, there will be “a concession that’s a full sit-down restaurant that will get a full liquor license,” Lowin says.) The wine bar will serve small plates, beer, and wine. Ditch Plains will sell its lobster rolls and macaroni-and-cheese-topped hot dogs adjacent to the plaza, and look for Calexico Carne Asada’s cart near the playground.