Beer Gardens and Non-Beer Gardens: Loreley Williamsburg and Matthew Maddy’s New One

Loreley Williamsburg in a past life.
Loreley Williamsburg in a past life. Photo: Google Maps

Today in beer-garden news, Zagat brings word that Loreley’s delayed Williamsburg outpost is aiming to open by June 8 (though an update indicates permits are still being worked out and the date is “iffy”). Back in Manhattan, Bowery Boogie notices flyers in Nolita raising alarm bells over a “beer garden” that Matthew Maddy of No. 7 is planning to open at 168 Elizabeth Street.

Maddy tells Eater: “We have no intention of making a ‘beer garden.’ We are building a tiny 25 seat fine dining restaurant, underneath the laundromat. There is going to be no standing bar, or outdoor dinner service. The place is going to be about the size of Peasant underground up the street.” Twenty-five-seat fine dining, eh? Looks like Torrisi is getting some Nolita competition.

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