Beer Cans Cover the Edens; Breakfast Is Big Business for Restaurants

• A truck full of beer tipped over on the Edens this morning, scattering cans across the road and blocking inbound traffic. [Chicago Breaking News]

• Restaurants are trying to slowly wean customers off the deals imposed immediately after the economic crisis, but customers aren’t having it. [WSJ]

• Urban farmers’ markets give farmers a disincentive to sell to their own neighbors, since they can get more money in the city. [Salon]

• Breakfast has accounted for almost 60 percent of the restaurant industry’s growth over the past five years. [NRN]

• The vineyards of New York’s Finger Lakes are putting out excellent Rieslings. [NYP]

• The National Pork Board sent a blog a cease and desist letter for using the slogan “the new white meat” in a joke ad for unicorn meat. [ThinkGeek]

• Kim Kardashian was grossed out by a woman breastfeeding next to her at a recent lunch. [CBS]