Attention Moochers: Eat for Cheap in the Loop Today at Wow Bao or Jimmy John’s

We like "Hot Asian Buns."
We like “Hot Asian Buns.” Photo: m500/Flickr

In honor of a certain Stanley Cup winning team, Wow Bao is offering a completely free meal (up to $10) for anyone who wears a Blackhawks item of clothing into the store. The company’s vocal twitter monster Bao Mouth claims it could be a shirt, hat, or skates. Though we really hope you didn’t wear those skates into the office today. Also, in a completely non-hockey promotion, Jimmy John’s is offering the first six subs on the menu for $1. The deal is good from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and it’s all in the name of “customer appreciation.” We’re hoping that the combination of these two deals will mean that all the moochers will be spread over a greater numbers of places, allowing for people to get a sandwich in less than two hours. Unless…the moochers get smart and visit both places, saving one of the lunches for the next day. Chaos!