Albert Tummer Gets Arrested for Lighting Apothéke’s Bar on Fire

Photo: Melissa Hom

Mixologists who sounded alarm bells over potential crackdowns on barehand contact and egg whites are going to have a little bit more trouble feeling outraged by this: The Times reports that undercover fire marshals investigating an anonymous tip ended up busting self-styled “apotheker” Albert Tummer for reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance (both misdemeanors) after they saw him light his bar on fire — business as usual at Apothéke, as YouTube video of a Blue Blazer–like drink goes to show. The fire “was six feet wide and had flames that leapt two to three feet in the air.” Much as you hate to see the Jerry Lee Lewis of mixology’s pyrotechnic impulses snuffed out, do consider the Brother Jimmy’s bartender who played with fire and got burned.

Flaming Drinks Are Exotic, but Flaming Bars Are a No-No [NYT]