68 People Get Salmonella After ‘Eating Fresh’ at Subway

Photo: Daniel Maurer

We recently sent the Best Sandwiches in New York to a restaurant-owner acquaintance in case he wanted to embark on the sort of mission that a certain “office of intrepid meat and bread aficionados” has embarked on (spending now till September eating all 101 sandwiches, and blogging it), and he wrote back, “The 102nd sandwich being the Subway that made me puke for two days.” He’s not the only one that’s fallen victim to the green monster lately; 68 people have suffered salmonella after eating Subway sandwiches in Illinois from May 11 and May 25. As far as we can tell, no cases have been reported in New York (our friend didn’t go to the hospital), but for now, you may want to disregard Adam Platt’s advice and opt for Quiznos.

Illinois Subway Salmonella outbreak case count up to 68 [Food Poison Journal]