311 Callers Raise a Stink About Restaurant Odors

Stanky.Photo: Daniel Maurer

According to The Wall Street Journal, the city gets about 1,000 restaurant-odor complaints per year, though only 77 violations were issued last year. Strangely, the Journal piece doesn’t say what, exactly, constitutes a violation. One 311 caller even complained about a bakery. It was confounding enough when Gordon Ramsay at the London’s neighbors bitched about the smell of bacon, but who complains about the smell of bread? (Well, unless it’s Subway.) Heck, when we lived above a Chinatown bakery we considered it one of our tiny apartment’s sole perks. Though the occasional durian waft was another story. And we wouldn’t want to live above a Starbucks. Still, have any commenters experienced a restaurant odor so noxious they felt compelled to raise a stink about it?

For Some, an Invisible Menace [WSJ]