X-Train to Vegas Brings Rick Moonen On-Board

Photo: Rick Moonen

The heinous images we’re forced to conjure upon hearing that a “party train” could soon start service from L.A. to Vegas are slightly more appetizing now that we hear a Top Chef Master might be putting his food on-board. LAist points us to a press release announcing the appointment of Rick Moonen’s company to run the food and beverage program on “X-Train.” No word on what the chef will dedicate the menu to, though we’d bet the bank that the options once swam and did so sustainably. Sounds like finding Moonen himself chugging along the tracks might not be so easy, especially as controversy rages on as to who is actually building this transit route and who originated the party train idea. In any case, we’re not sure he’ll be getting the same caliber of diner as he does at Mandalay Bay on this potentially loaded voyage to Vegas, so it makes sense that he just drop off a menu and stay out of the way.

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